DJI OSMO: Add a Hollywood polish to your videos

It’s not just a camera that can record photos and videos, it is a treasure house of skilled engineering and craftsmanship to help you encapsulate memories for a lifetime. The DJI Osmo is a fully stabilized 12 MP camera, optimized for ground usage. The high-quality features add the perfect refinement to your videos and to shoot superb quality images and real-life movies of family, friends and the priceless moments spent with them. Now you can buy DJI Osmo in our Los Angeles stores to capture images or rent out the gadget for Hollywood picture quality shoots. Special moments and larger than life events can be captured on this camera as it gives the photos and videos a professional look. DJI Osmo can record videos seamlessly with great stability even in rugged terrain and heavy movement areas.

So let us see the numerous reasons why you should own a DJI Osmo:

The automatic Panorama mode

This interesting feature can perform shooting at 360 degrees. All you have to do is to hold it above your head and click the shutter button. The camera starts rotating, clicking pictures all the while, remaining completely leveled and yielding crisp picture quality.

Capture time

This amazing camera can capture slow motion pictures and still pictures with superior picture quality. What’s more, it can record videos through a stationary time-lapse or for a hyper lapse with equal ease.

Long exposure

The advanced stabilization system of the camera keeps the camera sturdy and still, enabling you to capture images of up to 2 seconds. They give clear, crisp and sharp results. This feature makes night time cityscapes shots a delight, and also helps in mastering the longer shots. Just fade out the unnecessary backgrounds to 'arrest’ your subject beautifully.

Advanced stabilization

Do your hands tremble while clicking pictures or recording shoots? No worries…the A3 axis stabilization system of the camera cancels out the unwanted movements in 3 directions, keeping the images stable. This technology is the first of its kind for a camera that you can hold.

Ergonomically designed

Designed to perfection, it fits in your arms like customized for it. The grip is excellent and the buttons are designed for convenience, comfort and easy access by the thumb. The gadget has a phone holder and you can place your smartphone in it to see what your camera captures and operate it alongside.

Remote control

The Smart Shooting Modes of the DJI can be monitored from the GO DJI app on your smartphone. Mount the DJI Osmo on a tripod and place yourself comfortably to look at the scenes and control your camera.

Perfect vision

The Zenmuse X3 camera brings you 4K videos at 23, 24, 25 frames per second which enables shooting for big screens, and works in sync with the stabilization system. It captures pictures at 12 megapixels in the ADOBE RNG RAW. The Osmo is compatible with the Zenmuse X5 series, but you need an Osmo-X5 adapter, which is available separately. With the plethora of functions this feature-rich camera offers, you can buy the DJI Osmo for personal use as well as for professional Hollywood-style movie shoots.

A quick round-up of the features of this gadget

  • Fully stabilized 12 mp camera, which shoots 4K videos
  • Long exposures, even without the tripod
  • Remote camera control feature
  • Optimized for ground use
  • Superb gadget grip and button control
  • Audio and slow motion recording
  • Stand-by time-6 hours
  • Dimensions 2.4 x 1.9 x 6.4 inches

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