Drones are getting smarter

Drones today are getting so smart that they are beginning to take on complex tasks with only a little bit of input. The new drone from 3D robots speaks it all. Solo drone or the 3DR Solo comes with a GoPro holding gimbal included. It is also full of amazingly clever tools that allow the automation of shooting, simplifying it a great deal. With just one click, one will be able to take the ultra- dramatic selfie video. It is quite impressive that the company has chosen to sell the drone in an open platform. Now hackers can enjoy playing with both the hardware and software trying to figure it out. 

The drones today are not threatening. It is the kind of equipment you wish you had enemies you could spy on with instead of just sending it to fetch you a burrito. They are much simpler to control. It is fun to control the drones because it reminds you of the joystick games you played in high school. The holders have a space for your iPad or iPhone. It also acts as monitor and the remote control for the camera. 

Some of the other great features of the drones include:

The smart mode

If you have never used any drone before, you may be frustrated and spend hours trying to read every inch of the manual. The drone does not require you to go through all that when you want to use it. It comes with a smart mode that helps the beginner learn how the machine works and test it out. The drone will move in whatever direction the stick is pointed regardless of where its nose is facing. This mode also creates a safe circle barrier, which comes in handy to protect you and others from being hit by the drone as it flies.

A newbie help feature

If you are just trying out the new drones, you do not have to worry about not knowing to control it. Most have a newbie control feature that allows you to hit the panic button. This will stop your drone on its tracks. They also come with a flight simulator app that helps you learn how to control the drone so you do not risk damaging or completely destroying you expensive investment.

Follow me mode

When you have something to record and there is no one to drive the drone for you, you can set the follow me mode. This mode allows the drone to follow anyone who is holding the controller at the altitude you have specified. This allows you to set the perfect shooting rudder for the best pictures and videos. In addition to this mode, you can draw a line on your phone so the drone flys back and forth exactly on that line while taking a video.


To allow for safe landings and prevent crashes that could cause damage to the drone, all you have to do is flip a switch and the drone will return itself to the initial position where it began flying from.

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