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The Ring: new face of the Doorbell

You must have seen and heard a doorbell at least a million times in your life. The sound can drive your dog mad and awaken your finally sleeping baby. You then go to the door and peek out the window to try and catch a small glimpse of your visitor. You must drop everything at a moment’s notice to answer whoever is at the door. Fortunately, technology today has discovered a way to allow you to forget about these annoyances and have some freedom whether you are at home or not. With the use of the Ring Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell, you will finally be able to see who is knocking, in the palm of your hand. 

What Is It? 

The Ring Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell allows you to view and even talk to those visitors that are at your door. Not only can you do this from home, but you can see those visitors from work, on vacation or even during dinner. These video monitor doorbells come equipped with amazing HD cameras as well as night vision. The doorbell uses live video technology to stream straight to your smart phone. You can see your visitors before you answer and choose whether or not to get the door. The Ring Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell allows you to connect even while your kids are home alone during your work day. See who comes to the door to sell you things. See who comes to the door to bring you your expected package. All of this and more is included within this technological doorbell.

The Perks

What does this product come equipped with? There are two options for you. These include the Ring Video Doorbell and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Both options are priced with you in mind. The original comes with a rechargeable battery and works with or without a doorbell. Both doorbells come in several different finishes to match the contours of your home. Motion detection is included as well as two-way audio to speak and to listen. The doorbell works using Wi-Fi that is already equipped within your home. You can use the internet as well as using this doorbell at the same time with no issues. Perhaps one of the best parts of this product is the ability to use it on IOS, Android and Windows. It was made with you in mind. This doorbell comes equipped with everything you need to be able to monitor your door, all day and all night long. It is mobile, as stated and can be moved with you wherever you go. You can rest assured that your home is monitored at your fingertips. 

The Ring Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell is the perfect solution for your unexpected and expected visitors. You can rest assured that this doorbell is with you wherever you go. Keep track of your door at all times with this amazing piece of technology and give yourself piece of mind.

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