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TomTom Spark - your new fitness buddy

When TomTom GPS watches and Runner arrived over three years ago, they did not exactly release Beatles fangirls reaction among fitness or tech enthusiast. As smart as they were, lack of innovative or fresh features held them behind, and they lagged behind in making strong for themselves against their well-established competition. That changed in 2014 with the coming of TomTom Cardio thanks to some of its unique fitness features. The Cardio Runner was one of the early smartwatches to bring about continuous heart rate and monitoring abbreviated as HRM. This made TomTom Spark far much more and a compelling gadget for serious people about fitness issues.


TomTom has a subtle design as compared to company’s previous offerings, mainly white and garish red of the TomTom cardio the garish red and white of the TomTom Cardio that foreshadowed it. Despite being easier on the eye, the Sparks restrained technique means you are likely to wear the entire day long.

Main features

If your idea of fitness extends more than a single run around your block, you will be contented to hear that Spark brags of multi-sport tracking properties. Cycling, swimming, general gym activity or a Smartphone archiving and analyzing through Tom Tom’s website the workout options are easy to navigate and choose.

There are lots of choices in terms of customization for the Spark too. There are two most likely trap sizes which come in different colors. A larger band re-uses 2-pronged holes from a Runner Cardio, which helps in creating a more and even seal for the wrist for excellent HRM from an optical heart rate monitoring sensor underside of the watch.

Music playback

One of TomTom major selling points is its capacity to store & play tunes to a pair of Bluetooth headsets, so you don’t bother to take your handset or your MP3 player with you on the run.


With a medium mono LCD together with a spark signature, one key 4-way remote control below it. TomTom is slimmer in the wrist as compared to the company’s previous devices, implying it can’t stick out like sore thumbs if you do put it to work.


Battery life on TomTom Spark lasts up to weeks if used for workouts only. On daily one -hour going to the gym, the TomTom Spark lasted for 5-7 days. Also with Bluetooth music feature being powered off, and also expects the battery life to reduce by half if the element is made use of. Users will also notice the Spark has no power-off option. When in standby mode, it turns off radios and time, uses a small amount of battery power, since the spark has no power off option.

Cardio web portal

When sparks launched the GPS watches, its portal was a significant weak point. It was something of work in progression, and could not compete with the offerings from closest rivals. Today, TomTom Spark My Sports portal is quite a better product since you do not have to use it. It makes transportation of data to the third parties easy.

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