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MakerBot - Replicator Z18 3D Printer

$ 6,499.99

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Ultra-Tall Build Volume

The chief feature of the Z18 is its significant build volume. Print an object an entire foot in length and width, and up to a foot and half in height.

Supports XL and XXL Filament Spools

MakerBot designed extra-large capacity filament spools expressly for the Z18, to ensure that your large, lengthy project can print without interruptions for adding more filament. XL spools supply 5 lb of PLA filament, while XXL spools supply 10 lb. The Z18 has a push-to-open drawer at the base to hold a large spool of filament, but XL and XXL spools must be fitted into a filament case or other spool system.

MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder

The MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder detects filament absence and automatically pauses your print. It can also send notifications to the MakerBot Desktop and mobile apps. The smart extruder is easily removable and replaceable if necessary.

Heated Build Chamber

The Z18 features a heated chamber that maintains an even temperature during lengthy print jobs that can last for days. Keeping your print at an even temperature helps prevent curling and warping.

Flexible Build Plate

The Z18's build plate is made of flexible polycarbonate plastic which makes it easier to remove your prints. Instead of scraping and peeling your finished object from the build plate, which is especially difficult with the large print sizes made possible by the Z18, simply flex and bend the polycarbonate build plate until your print is completely detached.

On-Board Camera

The Replicator Z18 has an on-board camera for print monitoring and easy sharing to MakerBot Thingiverse and social networks. It is accessible through the MakerBot Desktop software and automatically takes reference pictures of final prints and saves them to your cloud storage library.

3.5" Full Color LCD Display

With a 3.5" full-color LCD display, you'll be able to access your object library and see previews of your 3D model files right on the Replicator Z18. The on-board interface and intuitive dial are designed to provide a user-friendly experience; while the on-board utilities help you set up and maintain your printer.

3 Ways to Print

Connect to your Replicator Z18 in any of three ways - via USB stick, USB cable, Ethernet cable, or wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Full-Featured Software

The MakerBot Desktop software is a free download from MakerBot. It allows you to store, organize, and access 3D design files in your personal cloud-enabled library. You can also find, buy, and prepare your files from one central location. 

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