Miele B3847 Fashionmaster Ironing System Lotus Ironing Board Cover, White/Black

$ 2,499.00

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Miele B3847 Fashionmaster Ironing System Lotus Ironing Board Cover, White/Black

German-engineered by the smartest of minds, Miele's FashionMaster B3847 Ironing System was designed for the professionals. Quickly steam business suits, dresses, and other dedicates in just a few minutes!

The B3847 features an active ironing table with two levels of functionality to match the type of garment you're steaming. The suction function concentrates airflow to prevent slipping of lightweight fabrics while the inflation function irons on a cushion of air to deliver crease-free results. The honeycomb iron soleplate ensures even distribution of steam so you never experience unsightly wrinkles or cinching of gentle garments. Alternatively, an include Teflon-coated plate can be attached to prevent glossy patches. You can use either the included iron to steam on the table or you can choose to hang your garments and steam using the handheld brush attachment. For table ironing, the 1-2 Lift System effortlessly adjusts the height to match both short and tall users of the B3837 FashionMaster.

Last, but not least, safety is one value that Miele stands by through and through. Several indicators are incorporated into the design of this machine to detect high temperatures and inactivity. The memory function built into the design of the 2 speed table fans keeps a close eye on temperature and will switch on or off when it's too hot or too cold. For inactivity, the AutoOff Function will power off the entire machine after twenty-five minutes.

  • Handheld Steamer Great for removing wrinkles when you're in a pinch, the handheld steamer attachment freshens up hanging garments in just a few minutes.
  • Handheld Iron Gently steam anything from business suits to delicate garments with the B3847 Iron. 4 bar pressure allows for multiple layers of fabric to be ironed at once. - See more at: https://evacuumstore.com/p-28702-miele-fashionmaster-b3847-ironing-system-with-steam-and-handheld-steamer.aspx#sthash.op4cMKhE.dpuf


  • Non-stick honeycomb soleplate evenly distributes steam to prevent wrinkles and cinching of delicate garments.
  • 4 bar pressure system steams multiple layers of fabric to perfection
  • Height levels can be adjusted to match both short and tall users of the ironing system
  • In-board two speed fan draws steam through fabric so you can iron without turning over
  • FashionMaster automatically descales to prevent lime buildup.
  • Digital display guides the user through setup and alerts users to maintenance issues
  • Automatic shut-off system powers off the iron when left unattended
  • Table fans switch on and off based on detected temperature
  • Handheld steamer quickly and easily removes wrinkles from business suits, dresses and other delicate garments

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