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Wireless Speakers

Cotodama - WI-FI Connected Lyric Speaker


Cotodama - WI-FI Connected Lyric Speaker  COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is a handmade product from Japan of only 15 units per month. You can enjoy a lyrical experience with this speaker. Feel the true power of music An athelete was motivated to believe in...

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Denon HEOS 1 GO Pack (Black) (New Version)


Denon HEOS 1 GO Pack (Black) (New Version) Take your HEOS 1 anywhere with the available HEOS Go Pack. The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack attaches to the HEOS 1 base, with easy twist-on/twist-off attachment. Listen to your favorite tracks...

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Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker


Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker Enjoy your favorite audio cable-free with the Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker in white. This compact speaker features 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet, USB, and 3.5mm connectivity, enabling you to connect it to a wide...

Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker (New Version)


Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker (New Version) Compact speaker delivering big HEOS Sound. Ideal for small to medium sized rooms, such as bedrooms, offices or kitchens. This compact but full-featured speaker plays cloud music, music stored on your phone or...

Denon HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker System - Each


Denon HEOS 5 Four-driver Wireless Speaker System - Each Elegance meets performance Ideal for medium to large rooms such as dining rooms, larger bedrooms and offices or smaller living rooms. This beautifully styled middle sized speaker plays cloud music,...

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Denon HEOS 7 Wireless Multiroom Speaker


Denon HEOS 7 Wireless Multiroom Speaker Bigger is better when it's time to party. Ideal for large rooms and open areas such as living rooms, patios, or open-floor-plan homes. This large speaker is top of the line, for those who demand the best, biggest,...

Devialet Care - Phantom's Insurance (ME355AA/AA)


Devialet Care - Phantom's Insurance (ME355AA/AA) Gold standard, guaranteed. Your three-year Devialet Care warranty and insurance cover for Phantom, Silver Phantom or Gold Phantom. In case of accidental damage, we'll replace your system. No questions...

Devialet Cocoon Carry Case


Devialet Cocoon Carry Case Hit the road Phantom’s high-tech carry case. Cocoon beautifully demonstrates the inventiveness of Devialet designers and engineers. Superior craftsmanship delivers flawless resistance and lightness. So you can take...

Devialet DB510 Silver Phantom Wireless Speaker


Devialet DB510 Silver Phantom Wireless Speaker The Devialet Silver Phantom wireless speaker gives you the sound experience of top high-end systems for listening to the music on your iPhone or iPad—yet in an ultra-compact and powerful unit. Fusing...

Devialet EH576 - Phantom Remote


Devialet EH576 - Phantom Remote Subtle extension of Phantom, Remote drives the volume of Phantom with absolute precision and with extreme movement sensitivity. Designed with the same technological requirement and similar materials as PHANTOM, REMOTE...

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